Everything we do is targeted to

Helping People Heal, Discover Purpose and Become Better Leaders

Our Mission

To help individuals, organizations, and communities shift towards a path that aligns with their purpose. 

Our Vision

To create a network of people committed to rediscovering their purpose in efforts to change their community.



Resuscitating hearts to revive the voice within to develop nourishing relationships with companions, family, friends, and coworkers.


Life Purpose

Uncovering the hidden treasures that life buried to unlock the gifts of your life’s purpose.

Our Principles


Identifying and removing distractions that block your path.


Cultivating positive strategies that keep you aligned with your purpose.


Changing your perspective regarding your choices and decisions.


Creating avenues for engagement with like-minded individuals.


Digital Health & Wellness


Multi-faceted Approach

About us

Dr. Kendrick Bailey

Dr. Bailey is intentional about helping people find their gifts and overcome personal struggle. He connects with individuals in effort to help them develop a healthy concept of self and recognize their purpose. His training allows him to help others uncover their ability to persevere through challenges and fulfill their purpose. He looks forward to taking the journey with people so they can engineer success in their lives.
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